Sue Egan

S.E.A.L. Compliance & Ethics

Compliance and ethics can be simply described as ensuring that people always “do the right thing”. Many people identify compliance with a rules-based culture and ethics with a values-based culture.

For small organisations, a culture of ethics and compliance might be achieved by setting the right organisational values and goals, and by hiring people who share those values and goals.

Larger organisations should consider implementing an ethics and compliance programme to maximise the possibility of their people always doing the right thing. Having an effective ethics and compliance programme can be a source of competitive advantage for any organisation.

We can help your organisation to understand the intent behind the rules so that you are not burdened with an over-cautious, inefficient ethics and compliance programme. It is also important to ensure that your organisation complies with both the spirit and the letter of the law so that what its people do today will stand up to scrutiny tomorrow.

We can help you to develop and implement a streamlined, efficient ethics and compliance programme, or to make your existing programme more effective. Click to find out more about our Compliance and Ethics Services.

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